EU: Italian Medtech Nomenclature over GMDN for EUDAMED

The European Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) has decided to use Italy’s medtech classification codes (CND) as the basis for the future EU medical device database – EUDAMED. The CND, which is free-of-charge, will be used instead of the GMDN Global Medical Device Nomenclature, which requires a fee.

The CMD nomenclature could be mapped to the GMDN before being added to EUDAMED to make sure that the correspondence between these two nomenclatures will be visible to operators.

As part of its next step to support the uptake of CND codes in EUDAMED and to ensure better regulatory oversight of the EU nomenclature system, MDCG will soon establish a subgroup on this topic. For more information please go here: Medical Devices Nomenclature.


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